Screening at SOAS

As a beginning project for my internship with WVN, I screened several films from the past WVN film festival at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Student Union in London. I have been studying there as part of my year abroad. The school is incredibly diverse. As I screened the short films in the common room, I noticed many who curiously watched the short films. I spoke with several students and discovered a breadth of interests that connected with the films: a non-Muslim woman interested in issues of gender and religion, a Muslim Indian woman who had made a short film about education, a Muslim woman studying Islamic law, an African woman studying Development, an American man studying International Politics, several British young women studying Arabic and many many more young adults who engaged with the films made by women from Muslim-majority societies. When asked if they were interested in the WVN Mission and seeing more films made by women from Muslim-majority societies, there was a resounding YES each time. Students were aware of the bias found in major news networks and popular films. Many commented on the need for individual and collectively diverse voices from women. This is especially true for women from Muslim-majority societies, which are inaccurately portrayed as one and monolithic culture. The SOAS screening successfully advertised WVN as a new organization and engaged the student body with the films.


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