In which Sadie Smith complains about being told to check her privilege

Fascinating and legitimate criticism!

“When you tell women to stop saying “check your privilege”; when you bemoan “call out culture” and complain that calling people out for their failings is just about showing off or being a troll, then you’re silencing women. You’re telling them to shut up about racism in the feminist movement; shut up about how the movement excludes them; shut up and sit down and stop talking about things that affect them as women. And when you do that you’re implicitly asking women to throw their weight behind a movement that is repeatedly failing to represent them – and is sometimes overtly harming them. When you parse “raising legitimate concerns about feminism’s failings” or “calling out troublesome behaviour because it’s hurtful” as “attacking other women, boo hoo”, then that’s a move calculated to shut down debate and dissent.”


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