Meeting on 8 August 2013

Being a good intern!

Being a good intern!

On Thursday, August 8th, Heidi and I met to discuss the 50+ Judges who I thought would be excellent for this year’s film festival focused on sexualized violence. They include journalists, film directors, professors, non-profit directors, activists. and more. I also had the chance to work with our new logos for the festival, which are wonderful (see below)! Following this meeting, I was able to make the final Judge packet with the logo and approved language from Heidi, Betsy (a team member from the previous film festival) and the board of Directors. I also began work on a statistics project on Muslim majority countries.

In explaining my work, I think it’s important to make the following clarification: WVN’s objective is not to demonize Islam. No, WVN’s goal is to ensure that voices from within Islam and Muslim communities are heard and understood as complex harbors of culture and tradition.  This culture is being reinterpreted and analyzed from within. It is important that weight is given to these culturally critical voices, especially those that seek to protect the rights of women. WVN also believes that it is important to HEAR the plurality of voices from Islam around the world, especially pro-women voices, so as to better understand the change-agents in these societies.  In remaining dedicated to listening and sharing female and pro-woman voices, I’m learning how this movement is growing globally. Our support has increased two-fold on Twitter and visits to our website are coming from everywhere (especially in Africa). This slowly building online support is encouraging for our upcoming film festival!

This is a still from one of our films, Living with Stones, which won 2nd place in the Documentary category during WVN's first film festival.

This is a still from one of our films, Living with Stones, which won 2nd place in the Documentary category during WVN’s first film festival.


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